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Process Eng. J.

Process Engineering Journal


Volume 1 (2017)

  • Current issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2017, Page 34-85
  • Rapid and efficient removal of Pb(II) ions from aqueous media using low quality rapeseeds biomass as biosorbent

          Page 34-40

          Teodora (Ionel) Arsenie, Laura Bulgariu

          Published online: 23 Aug 2017

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  • Use of dispersed and beads chitosan in liquid effluents treatment
          Page 41-51
          Dihia Aili, Ibrahim Feraoun, Lydia Adour, Hakim Lounici
          Published online: 25 Sept 2017
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  • Isolation and characterization of bromelain enzyme from pineapple and its utilization as anti-browning agent
          Page 52-58
          Shampa Sarkar, Maruf Ahmed, N.H.M. Rubel Mozumder, Abu Saeid
          Published online: 28 Oct 2017
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  • Optimization of the operation conditions for NiO dissolution with different leachants

          Page 59-67

          Naima Habbache, Souad Djerad, Lakhdar Tifouti

          Published online: 1 Nov 2017

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  • Powder iron-containing adsorbents for arsenic removal: influence of heating
          Page 68-72
          Marta Litynska, Roman Antoniuk, Nataliia Tolstopalova, Igor Astrelin
          Published online: 1 Nov 2017
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  • High pressure reactive distillation simulation and optimization for the esterification of pyrolysis bio-oil

          Page 73-85

          M. Arif Khan, Yusuf G. Adewuyi

          Published online: 11 Dec 2017

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  • Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2017, Page 1-33
  • Combined microwave and simultaneous distillation extraction process for recovery of lipids from fresh microalgae   
          Page 1-9
          Celine Dejoye Tanzi, Daniella Pingret, Maryline Abert Vian, Farid Chemat
          Published online : 30 Apr 2017 
          Article: PDF
  • Computational and experimental sonochemistry
         Page 10-18
         Slimane Merouani, Oualid Hamdaoui
         Published online: 30 Apr 2017
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  • Extraction of organic pollutants from water by emulsion liquid membrane

         Page 19-27
         Oualid Hamdaoui
         Published online: 30 Apr 2017
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  • Common mistake in adsorption papers: The Blanchard et al.’s pseudo-second order kinetics model equation
         Page 28-29
         Oualid Hamdaoui
         Published online: 30 Apr 2017
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  • Hydrofluoride method of complex processing of titanium-containing raw materials
         Page 30-33
         Pavel S. Gordienko, Sofya B. Yarusovaa, Elena V. Pashnina, Ivan G. Zhevtun
         Published online: 15 Jun 2017
         Article: PDF